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Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies.

Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, graphic design shops, production companies, web and digital creators and freelancers.
Hermes Creative Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The international organization consists of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production, web and free-lance professionals. The Association oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges and sets standards for excellence.

Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) began in 1995 as a means to honor outstanding achievement and service to the communication profession. As part of its mission, AMCP fosters and supports the efforts of marketing and communication professionals who contribute their unique talents to public service and charitable organizations.

Each year, the efforts of generous marketing and communication professionals are acknowledged through grants and special recognition. Hermes entrants are not charged entry fees for work they produced pro bono.
The competition has grown to one of the largest of its kind in the world. A look at the winners shows a range in size from individual communicators to media conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies.

The competition is so well thought of in the industry that national public relations organizations, local ad clubs, and local business communicator chapters are entrants.

Entry Information

The competition is designed for the convenience of the entrant. You have the option of entering online and uploading your entries or sending in entry forms with entries.

  • Entries

    If you send in your entries, please attach a copy of Form A to each entry. Submit only one copy of each entry. There are no special binders, or matting requirements. A digital version of a print entry is acceptable. If an entry is too large, a photo will suffice. Since each entry is judged on its own merits, no accompanying materials are necessary for most categories. In a few designated categories where a plan or report is involved, submit whatever you produced for your client (whether internal or external). If a plan or report is not available, submit a brief summary of objectives, challenges and solutions. Audio, video, print or web entries may be uploaded or submitted on USB flash drive, CD or DVD, or write a web location on the entry form below the title of entry. Multiple entries may be submitted on the same flash drive, CD or DVD. Most formats are acceptable.

    An entry may be submitted in more than one category at an additional cost. However, it is not necessary to send an additional copy for each category.

    Enter Online PRINT ENTRY FORM
  • Eligibility

    The competition is open to all individuals, companies and organizations involved in producing any kind of marketing and communication materials for external or internal audiences. To be eligible, an entry must have been produced after January 1, 2015 (a 2-year window).

    . Enter Online PRINT ENTRY FORM
  • Entry Fees

    Entry fee is $85 for each submission or $160 for each entry that is a campaign or plan. If a piece is entered in more than one category, please enclose an additional entry fee for each time it is entered. AMCP does not charge for entries produced pro bono for outside nonprofits.

  • Pro Bono Entries

    AMCP recognizes the talents and generosity of the creative community and does not charge for entries produced pro bono for outside non-profits. Only entrants who enter a regular piece in the competition are eligible to enter pro bono work at no cost. This is a perk for those who help defray costs of overhead, mailings, judging etc.

    You can only have one pro bono entry per client. Multiple pieces count as one entry. You can however have an unlimited number of pro bono clients. Please fill out the pro bono form found on this page and include a brief synopsis of what you did for each pro bono client. You should not have received any compensation. It is ok for the nonprofit or others to have paid for hard costs such as materials. You will be judged on creativity and the extent of your effort.

    If you want to submit pro bono work only, you must pay the regular entry fees.

  • Categories

    Categories are divided into Print Media, Public Relations/Communications and Electronic/Social/Interactive Media.

  • Judging

    Now in its third decade, AMCP has earned a reputation for accuracy, fairness and credibility. A look at the list of winners is a who’s who of the creative industry. It takes about eight weeks of judging, eight hours a day, to review all of the work that is submitted in each competition. Judges are senior-level, experienced professionals residing in the Dallas or Washington D.C. areas. They are free-lancers or own their own businesses. They are selected based on experience and availability.

    Entries are judged at random and not directly compared to other entries in their category. Work is judged on creativity and what you apparently had to work with. A 2-color and a 4-color brochure in the same category are not compared to each other. A small company is not compared to a Fortune 500 entrant in the same category. There can be multiple winners or no winners in any given category. Utilizing a consensus judging system, the judges verbalize their criticisms, compliments etc. and then agree on a score. Entries receiving scores between 90-100 points are Platinum Winners. Entries with 80-89 points are Gold Winners. Entries scoring from 70-79 receive Honorable Mention recognition.


  • Winner: University of Saskatchewan

    The Write Up

    Annual reports are usually not the most exciting publications to read. There is the mandatory letter from the CEO/president, some glitzy photographs with accompanying text, an article or two, and lines and lines of figures.

    The University of Saskatchewan does things a bit differently. Located in Saskatoon, Canada, the university could be a hard sell to students, researchers, and prominent professors, but as the school tells people “our climate is cold, but our people are warm and friendly.”

    And their publications are creative. The president’s report combines portrait quality photography, snappy writing, and highly stylized graphics to create a publication that people actually want to read.

    View the online edition at www.usask.ca/presidentsreport/.


    • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    • Title: Challenge Perceptions
    • Category: 11. Annual Report
    Annual Report →
  • Winner: The San Jose Group

    The Write Up

    Organ donation is a serious subject few people want to think about. No matter how many lives it saves, the program spurs thoughts of death, loss, and grief. It’s a hard message to sell, but in a cleverly crafted public service announcement, The San Jose Group found a way around the morbid aspects.

    The San Jose Group, contrary to what the name might imply, is not based in California. The advertising agency is named after its founder, George L. San Jose, and is located in Chicago. The company’s motto is “to be creative you must be willing to live on the edge”; the PSA on organ donation certainly does this.


    • Location: Chicago, Illinois
    • Title: At The Opera
    • Client: Gift of Hope
    • Category: 171. Nonprofit Video
    www.thesanjosegroup.com →
  • Winner: Jacob Tyler

    The Write Up

    More companies are moving to e-annual reports either to supplement the company’s annual story or to act as a standalone report. Jacob Tyler – a web design, branding and advertising firm out of San Diego – was tasked with creating an e-report for Bridgepoint Education, whose motto is “Innovate Solutions That Advance Learning.”

    With a motto like that, there certainly were some high expectations for the final product. Jacob Tyler was up to the challenge. The firm designed a unique report with eye-popping graphics and succinct text. As you navigate through the topics, layered pictures blend together to create a near 3-D experience.


    • Location: San Diego, California
    • Title: A Year in Review
    • Client: Bridgepoint Education
    • Category: 148. E-Annual Report
    Annual Report →
  • Winner: Tough Mudder

    The Write Up

    Television placement takes many forms and shapes – everything from a mention on a program to interaction with the anchor/hosts. Also the bigger the show, the better the rewards.

    Tough Mudder is a competition that takes place, well, in the mud. It’s a race of sorts that promotes camaraderie while testing endurance. The competition is held all throughout the country.

    What a better way to promote the event than a placement on NBC’s Today Show. But, Tough Mudder did even better – much better. The whole on-air staff competed while 5 million viewers watched.


  • Winner: Custom Legal Marketing, an Adviatech Company

    The Write Up

    Custom Legal Marketing created a modern, clean website for the LaGarde Law Firm that’s easy to navigate.

    Most importantly, the site is mobile friendly, adapting to the device that visitors are using to ensure a great experience no matter the platform.

    A few of the site’s other features that make it great: a sticky navigation menu that stays with visitors as they scroll down, professional photography and graphics, clear calls to action and a contact form in the sidebar of every page.


    • Location: San Francisco, California
    • Client: LaGarde Law Firm, P.C.
    • Title: LaGarde Law Firm
    • Category: 104. Professional Service Website
    www.lagardelaw.com →
  • Winner: Ultra Creative

    The Write Up

    An unassuming box marked with 13/13 arrives on your doorstep. Curiosity reveals a custom wooden crate from the mysterious Madame Babineaux, thick with the mystique of the French Quarter’s darker corners. Inside, a black sealed packet unveils thirteen “cards of good riddance” that suggest a year-end pop culture cleansing ritual. Relax with a mug of hot chocolate elixir and reflect on 12 scourges that were visited upon us in 2013, and with good intentions, conjure a message from beyond to reveal what 2014 holds in store.

    Boissons de Madame Babineaux was Ultra Creative’s 2013 gift to friends and clients. From vanishing ink to breathtaking design, this gift is unique and unforgettable.

    Art Direction: Jessica Ward Hill, JoEllen Martinson Davis, William Burns, Jen Sheeler Copywriting: Megan Auld-Wright Production: Todd Schneider Printer: First Impressions Group


    • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • Title: Boissons de Madame Babineaux
    • Category: 55. Other in Design
    www.ultracreative.com →
  • Winner: helium creative

    The Write Up

    EDSA is a group of land planners and landscape architects who create sustainable spaces to live, work, learn and play. EDSA’s work spans the globe, reaching 100 countries. To tout their accomplishments and to spread their brand, the firm enlisted helium creative of South Florida to design a magazine.

    The results are stunning. The graphics are bold and colorful, the layout hip, the photography fascinating and the writing crisp. “Design Matters” is a stellar publication that complements the creative work of EDSA.


    • Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    • Title: EDSA Design Matters 2013
    • Category: 18. Magazine
    See Online Magazine →
  • Winner: Tilling Creative

    The Write Up

    Engine oil is not a very sexy or dramatic product. You pour it into your engine and the viscous liquid lubricates the motor. Oil is a hard sell, but not to Tilling Creative.

    The Greater London-based agency created a video message for Castrol EDGE Titanium FST that kicks in the turbo and redlines the RPMs. Blending a fetching model with stylistic graphics and special effects, the video essentially dares viewers not to buy the new oil.


    • Location: Harefield, Great Britain
    • Title: Castrol EDGE Titanium FST Technology
    • Client: Castrol
    • Category: 163. Marketing (Product)
    See Video →
  • Winner: America's Essential Hospitals

    The Write Up

    When it comes to creating an E-Zine, there aren't many rules, but there are quite a few ideas. Some companies merely take their magazine and place it on the web in electronic form. Other companies try to create something from nothing purely in an electronic format. Content is definitely important, but so so is style...you want to draw the visitor into the magazine to have them stick around and browse through the offerings.

    America's Essential Hospitals is an association that represents 250 clients and champions their causes, striving to increase good practices and care. The association recently produced an on-line magazine called Walls Down. It contains excellent writing and sharp graphics with a unique layout that is easily navigable. It is one of the most creative efforts around.


    • Location: Washington, D.C.
    • Title: Walls Down: Essential Hospital Stories without Borders
    • Category: 153 E-Zine
    See Project →
  • Winner: Groff Creative LLC

    The Write Up

    The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) is a multilateral mechanism to assist in the implementation of pledges made by the G-20 Pittsburgh Summit in September 2009. Using public and private funds, GAFSP’s objective is to improve incomes and food and nutrition security in low-income countries by boosting agricultural productivity.

    Groff Creative LLC, one of D.C.’s leading graphic design and marketing communications, created GAFSP’s 2014 Annual Report, which is a stellar example of great content, innovative design and sharp graphics. The report lays out GAFSP’s mission, goals and accomplishments with clarity and focus while engaging the reader with vital information.


    • Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
    • Title: GAFSP Annual Report 2014
    • Category: 11. Annual Report
    See Project →
  • Winner: Bard Access Systems

    The Write Up

    With the prominence of on-line publishing increasing, print publications are becoming scarcer. But there is still a market for them and if done right, the results can be amazing. Whoever thought that an overview of a catheter could be so stylistic and classy?

    Bard Access Systems develops, manufactures, and distributes vascular access devices. When it introduced its new PowerGlide Midline Catheter, Bard created a graphically stunning brochure. The illustrations practically jump off the page.


    • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Title: PowerGlide™ Midline Catheter
    • Category: 14. Brochure
    See Project →
  • Winner: NAVEX Global

    The Write Up

    Navex Global supports ethics and compliance programs of more than 8,000 organizations worldwide. Part of it services includes a blog for its clients.

    The Navex blog is very well designed with subtle but sleek graphics and an easily navigable layout. The site is simple, but sophisticated. With such topics as workplace harassment and bribery and corruption, the content is solid and timely. The articles are engaging as well as informative.


    • Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon
    • Title: NAVEX Global’s Ethics & Compliance Matters Blog
    • Category: 136. Blog (Overall)
    See Project →
  • Winner: YRK Magazine

    The Write Up

    YRK Magazine is "the collective voice of downtown York, Pennsylvania and its surrounds". It features all the happenings including music, food, shopping, and art. The magazine is a stylistic tour de force that combines artistic photography, clever layout, and sharp writing. The final product is a classy publication that engages the reader while taking them on an entertaining tour of people, places, and events. If downtown York is anything like the magazine, then it must be an amazing place. New York or Chicago should be so lucky.


    • Location: York, PA
    • Title: YRK Issue 06
    • Category: 18. Magazine
    See Magazine →
  • Winner: Colony Logic


    • Location: Los Angeles, California
    • Title: Colony Logic 2014/15 Branding Initiative
    • Category: 35c. Company Branding
    Website →
  • Winner: Mitosis

    The Write Up

    In the world of web design, the sites are becoming homogeneous with the same structure, colors, and styles. But Mitosis of Dayton, Ohio bucks the trend. The company says it is not a branding company, but rather a company that strives for a compelling digital brand experience creating a cultural impact.

    Recently, Mitosis created a website for Think Big, a data consulting company. The result is a splash of bold colors, strong concise writing, and an easy navigable format. The web design is a refreshing change.


    • Location: Dayton, Ohio
    • Title: Think Big Analytics Website
    • Category: 93. Corporation (Webiste)
    View Project →
  • Winner: John Hancock

    The Write Up

    As far as calendars go, most are cut from the same cloth–a pretty picture each month, color gradients over the dates, and a philosophical statement or two. If not that, then twelve months of overt product placement.

    John Hancock provides clients with financial solutions for every stage of life, including retirement plans. Its calendar creation delivers a serious tongue-in-cheek message on retirement. Using both satire and humor in original cartoons, the company captures attention while making a point. Think Gary Larson’s “Far Side” newspaper strip.


    • Location: Boston, MA
    • Title: John Hancock 2016 “Roland” Calendar
    • Category: 23. Calendar
    Website →
  • Winner: National University of Singapore

    The Write Up

    The National University of Singapore is a global school ranked among the best in the world. The 40,000 students have more than 100 different degrees to choose from among the school’s three campuses.

    NUS, like many other universities, is constantly seeking to attract the best and the brightest students. What better way to capture their attention than a POV video targeting the student demographic. The marketing video marries arresting cinematography with sophisticated graphics to capture the essence of the school and those who attend.


    • Location: Singapore
    • Title: NUS Local Admissions Video
    • Category: 163. Marketing (Product) Video
    Website →
  • Winner: Couple

    The Write Up

    Annual reports lived a long life in print, but many companies are moving away from paper and on to the web. With so much information, the trick is to present information in a visually attractive, yet functional way. The Singapore Tourism Board captures what is best about e-reports. The stellar photography, clean graphics, and strong writing combine for a creative report that is easily navigable and fun to explore.


    • Location: Singapore
    • Title: Together – Singapore Tourism Board Annual Report 2015-16
    • Category: 148. E-Annual Report
    Website →
  • Winner: Helium Creative

    The Write Up

    With so much emphasis on the web, sometimes it’s easy to forget the power of print, especially if wrapped in an incredibly vibrant package. helium creative out of Ft. Lauderdale prides itself on branding development, innovation and design. The agency reached all of these goals and then some when it produced a magazine for a worldwide landscape architecture firm, EDSA. The publication is boldly designed with eye-popping graphics and smart text that not only draws readers but also keeps their attention.


    • Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • Title: EDSA // Design Matters 2016
    • Category: 40. Publication Overall
    See Work →
  • Winner: National Philanthropic Trust

    The Write Up

    Stories are told in different ways in different mediums — from print to video to virtual reality to the web. As technology has evolved, so have the techniques. National Philanthropic Trust, which is dedicated to furthering philanthropy around the world, is in the forefront. Combining cutting-edge technology with exceptionally skilled talent, the organization spent a year curating a digital exhibition named “History of Giving” to tell the story of philanthropy.

    Boring right? Not necessarily so. NPT dug deep for the research and presented the findings with artful graphics, easy-to-read maps and crisp writing.


    • Location: Jenkintown, PA
    • Title: HistoryOfGiving.org
    • Category: 102.Nonprofit Website
    Website →
  • Winner: W Brand Studio

    The Write Up

    Websites follow certain patterns and trends from year to year. What was hot yesterday may be passé today. Some companies not only keep up with the evolution of website design but set the standard. W Brand Studios is a branding agency out of Newport Beach, California. Its client list includes a who’s who of the Fortune 500.

    They were asked to create a high-end brand for a Long Beach landscaping service. W Brand’s website design for RENEW is simple yet elegant. The copy is sparse but meaningful without all the showy verbiage. And, if you are looking for all the menu buttons in all the usual places, you won’t find them here. The navigation is novel.


    • Location: Newport Beach, CA
    • Title: Renew Landscapes
    • Category: 105. Small Business Website
    Website →

Fifth Ring

  • "Interwell – The Experts in Extreme"

University of Saskatchewan

  • "Challenge Perceptions"

The San Jose Group

  • At The Opera

Health Care Service Corporation

  • "Well onTarget"

Jacob Tyler

  • "A Year in Review"

Tough Mudder

  • TODAY Anchors Take on Tough Mudder

Custom Legal Marketing, an Adviatech Company

  • "LaGarde Law Firm”

Ultra Creative

  • "Boissons de Madame Babineaux”

helium creative

  • "EDSA Design Matters 2013”

Tilling Creative

  • "Castrol EDGE Titanium FST Technology”

WD a Western Digital Company

  • "A Gift from the Heart”

America's Essential Hospitals

  • "Walls Down: Essential Hospital Stories without Borders”

Groff Creative LLC

  • "GAFSP Annual Report 2014”

Bluemango Communications Pte Ltd.

  • "PUB NEWater Gallery - The Blue Map (2013)”

Bard Access Systems

  • "PowerGlide™ Midline Catheter”

NAVEX Global

  • "NAVEX Global’s Ethics & Compliance Matters Blog”

American Heart Association

  • "The Heart of a Dancer”

YRK Magazine

  • "YRK Issue #6”


  • "Akmerkez New Year Event 2015”

Colony Logic

  • "Colony Logic 2014/15 Branding Initiative”


  • "Think Big Analytics Website”


  • "Kat Von D’s Live Face Mapping”

John Hancock

  • "John Hancock 2016 “Roland” Calendar”

National University of Singapore

  • "NUS Local Admissions Video”


  • "Together - Singapore Tourism Board Annual Report 2015-16”

Helium Creative

  • "EDSA // Design Matters 2016”

National Philanthropic Trust

  • "HistoryOfGiving.org”

W Brand Studio

  • "Renew Landscapes”


Entries are judged at random. Your work is judged on creativity and what you apparently had to work with, not against the other entrants in the category. A 2-color and a 4-color brochure in the same category are not compared to each other. A small company is not compared to a Fortune500 entrant in the same category. There can be multiple winners in a given category.



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